Luanrhotel Email As Username LogoThe EmailAsUsername Plugin removes the need for users to enter username on registration. Adding EmailAsUsername to your site means the ONLY information REQUIRED by Joomla!™ is the user's name, email address and password. NO USERNAME is required. 


Various studies have shown that users have a "good will tank" when it comes to usability. Obsticals (fields) the user encounters, REDUCES this good will, and makes completion MUCH LESS LIKELY

With EmailAsUsername - Smooth and user friendly

Without EmailAsUsername - Barriers SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE chance of completion

  • The user only needs to remember their email address and password
  • The user can easily reset their password by entering their email address.
  • User has to make up a username
  • The username may already be taken, forcing them think of another or create a variation
  • The user might not remember the username they registered with upon their return
  • The user might be forced to go through the username retrieval process
  • Password retrieval may still be required, which is useless without a username
ALL of the above DRASTICALLY DECREASE the chances of completion

Introducing The EmailAsUsername Extension

Using Joomla!™ friendly programming techniques, EmailAsUsername will remove the need for a user to enter a username on registration. Whats more it works with these popular extensions

  • Joomla! Registration (of course!)
  • Virtuemart (One page checkout is also supported)
  • RedShop
  • Almost ANY login module you can think of.
  • Dont see your extension listed? Email us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can usually build in support for your chosen extension for FREE!


  • EmailAsUsername is about getting more users registered on your site. More users means more popularity, sales, subscriptions, influence or any other goal your site might have!
  • Simply install and enable - Get Up and running in minutes!
  • Simple upgrades. EmailAsUsername does NOT affect the core code of ANY extension, not even Joomla!™ Itself

Yes! I Want To Make More Users A Part Of My Site's Future!

 Great Choice! You can start enjoying the benefits of EmailAsUsername In just a few minutes!

Download EmailAsUsername

EmailAsUsername Total Satisfaction Guarantee Seal100% Money Back Guarantee on all EmailAsUsername subscriptions. Choose Bronze, Silver (Our most popular package) or Gold Level Support. All come with a FULL Money back Guarantee

Dylan's Customer Service is the Only Thing Better Than the Extension!


If you use virtuemart, this should be one of the first additions you make


EmailAsUsername ..has reduced our technical support on Forgotten Usernames by 22%.


So good, it hurts .... this is a must! Does what is supposed to - lets You use a email as username. So simple and so good.


Great Extension .....truly top notch highly recommend this extension


Very good extension and great support, fast, precise and dedicated.


eMail as Username: excellent extension... This increases the number of registrations on my site.

Thorsten Zenker

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EmailAsUsername Works With

  Virtuemart RedComponent RedShop K2 Content Management