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Lunarhotel Testimonial RotatorLunarhotel Testimonial Rotator is a Joomla!™ Module port of Sebastian Nitu's Quovolver jQuery based solution. 

Ive exposed most (but not all) of Sebastian's original functionality, and added some of my own, which don't affect Sebastian's code at all. Quote rotators are a great way to show off any reviews or comments you might have had. In addition, the transition between each quote draws the users eye to the content. Its perfect for pages where you want to give users confidence indicators.


When I looked in the Joomla!™ extensions directory for a testimonial rotator I couldn't find one that met my needs. Some come with bulky components which is beyond my requirement, while others are just too simple and don't have enough "slots" to place additional quotes. 

This one attempts to remedy these drawbacks, and others:

  1. There are 15 slots available for testimonials / quotes. This may seem like a lot, but....
  2. There is a randomisation option which when enabled will randomise the order the quotes are displayed in. This results in your users seeing more quotes as they navigate your site!
  3. There is a field to optionally place the quote author
  4. You can set the timings of how long the quotes are displayed, and time taken for the transition (this is a feature of Sebastian's code)
  5. In conjunction with the randomise option, you can choose to only display one random quote per page load. Ideal when you you want the user to concentrate on completing a process. (e.g. Filling out a form or completing a purchase.) but don't want them distracted by animation occurring on the page

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