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Get the Module

Download it from here if you havent already!

Download Lunarhotel Testimonial Rotator Module for Joomla! 3.x


  1. install the module in the usual way, by logging into the administration section of your Joomla!™ site, and choosing extension manager
  2. Choose upload package file if you are presented with the "Install from web" tab.
  3. Click on choose file and locate the Lunarhotel Testimonial Rotator install package ( where x.x.x is the version)
  4. Click on "Upload and install"
  5. The module is now installed. Now click on extensions-> Module Manager
  6. Find "Lunarhotel Testimonials" in the module list
  7. Click on it to load the modules parameter page.
  8. Set the status to published
  9. Choose an appropriate location
  10. Make sure you click on the "Menu Assignment" tab and assign the module to some pages, otherwise the module will not show!
  11. Click on save
  12. Enter some testimonials and/or quotes into the fields provided. Up to 15 can be entered. Blanks are ignored.


Module does not show anywhere

Did you assign the module some pages under "Menu Assignment" in the module parameters?

The Module shows, but all of the testimonials show in a long line

Go in the module parameters and check to see if JQuery is being included. If it is, turn it off. Its very likely JQuery has already been included.

The Module is not big enough to accommodate my testimonial. It spills out of the bottom

This is due to a work around I put in place to solve a problem with modules placed AFTER the testimonial module. Because testimonials are different sizes (in terms of number of words / letters) this means that different testimonials require different amounts of space to display. On a module in a left or right column, this will normally translate to a module of greater height. 

Sebastians implementation resized the height of the module according the space required for the quote, however this can cause undesirable moving of modules which might be below it. As a workaround to this, I placed a DIV element around the testimonials, which is set at a specific height. This means that the module remains the same size, no matter what testimonial is showing. As such, this height needs to be set to accommodate the longest quote.

What you have seen is a quote entered has exceeded the default height of 9em. This can be altered by going into the module parameters, clicking options and adjusting the "Module Height Fix" field accordingly. Make sure you include the unit of measurement. E.g. px or em

Note that you can set this field to auto, which will resize the module according to the testimonial currently showing. This could still be useful if the testimonial module was the only module in a given position, or does not have other modules showing below it.

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